ProductCamp Helsinki 1st of April 2023


This year’s event is taking place at the headquarters of our main sponsor

The event is sold-out ! 


The event will run in an unconference style similar to last  events meaning that we are very much looking forward to sessions proposals from the community. Running a session is a good opportunity to tap into the minds of the Helsinki product management and marketing community about a topic that you might be dealing at work or personally. A session can be run in any kind of format (presentation, round table etc.) chosen by the session’s leader.

Submit your session proposal using the form below.
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Submitted session proposals 2023

1) Product Management in hybrid working environments. Everyone working fully remotely or locally is easy, but hybrid models produce new and different challenges. Would love to hear experiences from others.

2) Product Management Frameworks for B2C service companies

3) Product leadership

4) Working with a Product designer. Building a solid product strategy

5) How to help junior people get into Product

6) I’ve wondered how many companies in Finland have platform teams? Is that a thing? If it is, I’d like to hear their experiences.

7) Continuous learning as a PM

8) I would like to discuss and learn from others about balance between tech debt and new features.

9) Data mesh and data products


Submitted session proposals (originally proposed for corona cancelled event 2020)

1) How to learn Product Management from scratch effectively ?  2) Product strategy Work / Practice / Process 3) Product managers toolkit: which frameworks can be utilized in product management ? – sharing the experiences.  4) The product manager’s role. What should a product manager do ? what are product managers doing ? 5) Open space session: self organizing participant driven small group discussions. (note this has been conducted in 2017-2018 ProductCamps) 6) Quick and dirty. Acquiring first users with ads. Pros and cons. 7) Everybody Lies: User interviews for international B2B product 8) How To Boost Your Empathy 9) Concept development process from an idea to customer delivery (using a real case) 10) What new things to take into account when creating AI/ML products 11)  How to set OKRs for the whole product team, individual team and individuals.

Preliminary Timetable

TIME Topic
10.00 Arrival & Registration
10.15 – 11.00

Kick-off, intros, session voting

You may propose your preferred topic 

(also if you will not lead the proposed session) 

11.00 – 11.45 Sessions slot 1
11.45 – 12.45 Break lunch
12.45 – 13.30 Session slot 2 (one or more)
13.30 – 13.45 Break
13.45 – 14.30 Session slot 3 (one or more)
14.30 – 15:00 Wrap up and closing





Tickets are be available on Eventbrite.  

IMPORTANT NOTEWe have a strict no-show policy!

Since this is a free event with limited capacity, no show’s eat into other motivated people’s possibility for attending the event. Thus, in order to keep the event free and enable the maximum amount of people to attend the event, we will be charging a 50€ no-show fee (incl. 24% VAT) for each attendee who does not show up and has not cancelled their ticket 48 hours prior to the event via Eventbrite. ProductCamp Helsinki is a non-profit event, produced by volunteers – any fees collected will be used for covering the costs of organizing the event such as attendee kits and other event materials and promotion.