What is ProductCamp?

What is ProductCamp?
Why to participate the Product Camp?
How the event is structured?
Who is in ProductCamp Helsinki Organizing Team?
Product management in social media

What is ProductCamp?

ProductCamp is an ‘’unconference’’ for people interested in product management and product marketing. The first Product camp was organized in Mountain View 2008 and has been followed by 150+ Product Camps from Vancouver to Melbourne including 10 major cities in Europe.

The idea is to get together and share the experiences of product management and product marketing. Active participants create the content to the event and the participants themselves may propose topics. The target is active involvement rather than mere listening. Product Camp is a great opportunity to share experiences, learn new skills and network with people interested in product management. Both beginners and experienced professionals are welcome.

Why to participate the Product Camp?

Product managers are willingly participating to customer meetings, trade fairs and events related to their own business. Participation to a sales project breaks the daily routines. Actually the days outside of the office are the most productive ones to learn new things and to understand better the needs of the market and the competitive environment.

But where can we meet and network with colleagues? Where could we exchange experiences and best practices related to product management and product marketing? Have you ever come across a product management trade show or product management seminars?

The answer is Product Camp Helsinki ! www.productcamphelsinki.org

How the event is structured?


  • Session can be presentations or short introduction to topic + discussion, panel discussion etc. Participants are encouraged to be active.
  • You are encouraged to propose sessions you want to facilitate and also you may request a session. The organizing team will do its best to find the facilitator. Please use our contact form.
  • The total number of sessions will be 6-9 and you will be able to participate in 3-4 sessions best fitting to your interest


  • There will be plenty of opportunities to network with other participants during sessions, breaks, lunch and after party.


  • Organizing team is interested hearing of your thoughts what would be nice to have in the event. Message us!

Who are in the ProductCamp Helsinki Organizing Team?

  • Olli Hietamies, Business Director at Futurice Linkedin

  • Lasse Lumiaho, Product Manager at Vaisala Linkedin

  • Puoria Kay, Cfief Product Officer LinkedIn

  • Antti Suvanto, Product Management Consultant and Coach at Eficode LinkedIn


Product management in Social media


If you like to tweet about ProductCamp Helsinki please use the #pcamphki hashtag. For more general product management tweets the #prodmgmt hashtag is more appropriate.


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