Greetings from Productcamp Helsinki 2019 Event

Posted by: Antti

Awareness of the product management has grown remarkably  during last years. Also the interest towards the role of product manager or product marketing manager has increased similarly. Many companies have already grown to such a size that the product manager’s job can no longer be done only by the founder or the core team. Real […]

Guest post by Fernando Leon: Before you learn how to code, read this

Posted by: Fernando Leon

Note: This is a re-post from a blog article Fernando Leon wrote previously for Reaktor’s blog, and, which he also republished in his personal blog. Fernando works for Reaktor Ventures as a Growth Partner and will be giving a keynote at ProductCamp Helsinki 2016. This is an opinion I have formed after observing general attitudes toward user research, under different […]

What It Takes to Run a Session at ProductCamp Helsinki

Posted by: lasse

ProductCamp is a participant-driven, collaborative conference on topics related to Product Management, Product Strategy, and Product Marketing. All participants should come prepared to present a topic or run a group discussion (a.k.a a session). A session is a very loose format that can be a presentation, roundtable discussion, workshop or something else. The main idea is […]

ProductCamp Helsinki 2015 summary

Posted by: Antti

ProductCamp Helsinki 2015 took place at 18th of April at Design Factory of Aalto University. The versatile and ‘’group work supporting’’ premises hosted the Product Management community for one successful day. The number of participants was over 70 and several guests from longer distance (including Munich and St Petersburg)! The day started with Keynote speech […]

2014 Event Wrap-Up

Posted by: Antti

The first ProductCamp in Helsinki brought together around 50 product minded people to actively share their experiences in product management and product marketing. The day started with a keynote presentation about lean product management given by Timo Herttua (Rovio, Finland). He has shared insights and experience on how to create successful products using and adopting […]

Tickets are sold out!

Posted by: Andrey Maglyas

A couple of days ago, about one month before the event, we sold out all 50 tickets to ProductCamp Helsinki. We consider this as a good sign and would like to say thank you to You for your interest and willingness to join us! The events like ProductCamp are not possible without active and passionate […]

Lean Product Management – Keynote by Timo Herttua, Senior PM at Rovio

Posted by: Antti

Toyota’s Lean concept has been admired and copied in manufacturing industry already few decades. The startup world has been buzzing about Lean since 2009. But do you know what is Lean Product Management? We are now proud to announce Timo Herttua, Senior Product Manager at Rovio Cloud Services, as the first keynote speaker of the […]

‘’Developing Your Product Management Career – Keynote speech from down under!

Posted by: lasse

We are proud to announce that ProductCamp Helsinki has managed attract a keynote speaker all the way from Australia! Natalie Yan-Chatonsky is a Partner at Brainmates, an Australian Product Management Consulting and Training company. She has consulted to clients in a broad range of industries including media, medical devices, financial services and government and will talk about “Developing […]

Why a Product Manager should participate the Product Camp

Posted by: lasse

Product managers are willingly participating to customer meetings, trade fairs and events related to their own business. Participation to a sales project breaks the daily routines. Actually the days outside of the office are the most productive ones to learn new things and to understand better the needs of the market and the competitive environment. […]

ProductCamp is coming to Helsinki

Posted by: lasse

The first ever ProductCamp Helsinki will be organised April 5th 2014 at Aalto University Design Factory. The first ProductCamp was organized in Mountain View 2008 and has been followed by 121 ProductCamps from Vancouver to Melbourne including 10 major cities in Europe. ProductCamp Helsinki is currently in preparation phase but anyone interested to take part in […]