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On Saturday 9th of April 2016, the active ProductCamp folks met in Vallila at the newly built OP premises. The program included two keynote speeches and nine different sessions (see below for slides). Despite a relatively early start time on Saturday morning 84 participants attended the event. As usual participants were asking questions and commenting on the presentations and the discussion continued long stretching many session to the very end and sometimes beyond the ending time.

This was the third ProductCamp Helsinki. As mentioned above, the number of participants was 84, which means we have roughly doubled our participant count from 2014, the first ever ProductCamp Helsinki. Based on the participants feedback, this year’s event was the best one so far. Positive feedback highlighted the venue, interesting content, timely schedule and interactivity. New improvement ideas in questionnaire replys were smaller workgroups/roundtable formats, less photo shooting (we had three photographers!), sharing the program on web site (timely and clearly) and ticket availabilty. We have been measuring participant satisfaction with Net Promoter Score (NPS). This year the NPS the score was 58, which is a huge improve over last year, when the score was 28.

The organizers want to thank the keynote speakers, session leads, all volunteers, our great host OP, and the participants for making such a great event. We hope to see all of you next year!


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Fernando Leon - Reaktor

Fernando Leon

Keynote: Non-tech MVP’s

‘Coding is great’. ‘Coding is the future’. ‘Everyone should learn how to write code’. True, but what to do until we can all code? It is easy for people with great ideas to hold themselves back because of a perceived lack of tech chops.

The keynote will cover how ‘average’ people with great ideas can get started building their vision immediately; the tools non-tech founders have at their disposal, and how to know when to switch from a non-tech to a technology approach. Fernando will also share his experiences on how to preserve your sanity along the journey.

Fernando is currently working as Growth Partner at Reaktor Ventures. Fernando is a worldly entrepreneur with an eye on promising new companies. Heavy emphasis on innovation management, communications and web-enabled business models throughout professional career. Experienced in design of services and digital services as a way of solving real user needs. Passionate about travel and understanding the relationship between the online and offline aspects of traveler / user experience.

Slides from Fernandos’s keynote

Toni Laturi - Sanoma

Toni Laturi

Keynote: Running lean in a corporation – Lean and agile methodologies in startups and corporations

The Lean Startup Methodology fits both startups and corporations. The rationale to use it is same, but the different environment leads to a different approach. In this session I will look how the methodology fits a corporation, and what you need to know when running it throughout the lifecycle of you product.

Toni is a seasoned expert in Digital Marketing, UX and in Digital Strategy. Currently working as The head of Digital at Sanoma Lifestyle.

Slides from Toni’s keynote

Session leaders

Kimmo Kuisma - Hubchat

Kimmo Kuisma

Kimmo is head of design at Hubchat, where he works with a small team of designers on building a community platform. Before joining Hubchat, he has worked in design-centered roles for close to 20 years. He believes that great products are the result of practical design thinking done as a group effort.

Session topic: Learnings about Adopting Lean UX in a startup.
Lean UX is a way of working which, in a perfect world, blends design and development beautifully together. For any organisation attempting to bridge the gap, there are many obstacles to overcome. How to avoid the culture of “design through deliverables” and get all product stakeholders working closely together? How to control the direction and scope of your product development? How do metrics and data play into all of this? What is the role of user research and early validation?

Slides from Kimmo’s session

Kaisa Soininen - Yogaia

Kaisa Soininen

Chief Product Officer at Yogaia

Kaisa has 10+ years in international gaming business – online and mobile. She is now applying that knowledge in online yoga/fitness industry to grow Yogaia from a startup to a successful international business.

Session topic: Customer-focus and involving customers in the product development.
Customer-focus and involving customers in the product development – how to choose appropriate methods and avoid (some) pitfalls.

Slides from Kaisa’s session

Antti Kirjavainen - Flowa

Antti Kirjavainen

Co-Founder, Organization Coach at Flowa

Antti is an experienced organization coach, workshop facilitator and an entrepreneur at Flowa. He has helped many software product companies achieve their goals both in coaching and management roles. Antti is passionate about self-organization and new ways to organize creative work. He is also an experienced Management 3.0 facilitator.

Session topic: How to align Marketing and Development for fun and profit.
Traditionally product companies have separated the responsibilities of marketing and product development to different teams or units to optimize the productivity of both. In recent years, with the rise of Lean Startup movement, some have come to question the rationale of this separation. Developing a winning product is nowadays more and more about learning about the customer and the market faster than the competitors. Being effective in product development is thus less about building stuff fast and more about running experiments fast. In this session I will describe how aligning and combining marketing and development work together can speed up learning in your product development. I will also offer practical ways of coordinating this marketing/development work.

Slides from Antti’s session

Tuukka Smolander - ALTO Cloud

Tuukka Smolander


Head of Digital Platforms at ALSO

Tuukka is a technologist and problem solver with years of experience designing, implementing, managing and selling IT solutions and services. He is currently managing the people, processes and digital platforms that connect vendors with buyers in ALSO’s European B2B marketplace.

Session topic: How to use stakeholder voting for managing a roadmap.
A transparent and practical approach to prioritizing work for agile teams. How to give the right amount of influence to the right amount of people in a complex multi-stakeholder environment.

Slides from Tuukka’s session

Petri Mertanen - Super Analytics

Petri Mertanen

Director, Digital Analytics at Omnicom Media Group Finland

Petri has +15 years’ experience in digital marketing. The last 10 years he has been obsessed by analytics and he is one of the thought leaders in Finland. Currently Petri is developing peoples’ competences, processes, products and tools in order to improve customers’ business.

Session topic: Analytics is the bookkeeping of marketing
The world is full of data and yet so many organizations struggle to use it wisely. Analytics is the bookkeeping of marketing – like profit and balance sheets are for the business. In this session Petri is covering common pitfalls of analytics. He is also showing Google Analytics auditing results and telling about couple of advanced analytics examples.

Slides from Petri’s session

Jarno Toivonen - Kiosked

Jarno Toivonen

SVP Products at Kiosked

Session topic: Kiosked Innovation Lab

Kiosked Innovation Lab is a market and sales driven team for discovering new business through rapid Build-Measure-Learn cycles that is separate from roadmap development sprints and environment. Born out of the need to explore, the Lab gives publishers and advertisers access to Kiosked engineering and design experience for imagination, insight and scalability to transform our customers digital advertising.

Slides from Jarno’s session

Eero Heino

CEO of Usetrace

Eero is an experienced programmer and an innovator, enjoying pushing the boundaries and coming up with new ways to solve problems.

Session topic: Spin up your lean circle with (test) automation

Slides from Eero’s session


Kaisa Salakka

Senior Product Manager, Unity Ads at Unity Technologies.

Unity’s global reach is over 1B gamers. Kaisa has 10+ years of international leadership experience in mobile advertising, advanced customer analytics and big data with deep understanding of mobile gaming, mobile apps, telecom, retail, media and finance businesses.

Session topic: Product management in continuous agile

If you think of software as having a lifecycle and not a plan, you will have projects that are more efficient at each stage of life.

In continuous agile you are able to, either make releases several times a day or assemble releases whenever you want with a take what is ready approach. Learnings from Unity Ads – one of the fastest growing mobile video ad networks.

Slides from Kaisa’s session

Tuomas Jomppanen

Development Manager, New Business Development at OP Financial Group

Tuomas Jomppanen is an award-winning designer and lean startup practitioner. Since the age of Commodore 64, his passion to perfecting products through consumer feedback has been way to get things done. For the past few years, Tuomas has working on a mobile Wallet called Pivo. Pivo’s several awards (e.g. Best Digital Design or Best Mobile Service) proves that agile, scrum and lean methodologies work, even when applied within a corporation.

Session topic: Hypothesis driven development
Life is too short for building a product nobody wants. If your hypothesis are wrong, your product does not find product/market fit. Let’s go through some ways how to improve the accuracy of your hypothesis.

Slides from Tuomas’ session are coming



Time Program
9:30 – 10:00 Arrival & Registration
10:00 – 10:30 Kick off & introductions
10:30 – 11:00 Keynote I
11:00 – 11:15 Break
11:15 – 12:00 Session slot 1
12:00 – 13:00 Lunch
13:00 – 13:30 Keynote II
13:30 – 13:45 Break
13:45 – 14:30 Session slot 2
14:30 – 14:45 Break
14:45 – 15:30 Session slot 3
15:30 – 16:00 Catch up with results of all sessions
18:00 – late After event beers at Navy Jerry’s. Address: Hietaniemenkatu 2, Helsinki.