ProductCamp Helsinki 2015 summary

Posted by: Antti

ProductCamp Helsinki 2015 took place at 18th of April at Design Factory of Aalto University.

The versatile and ‘’group work supporting’’ premises hosted the Product Management community for one successful day. The number of participants was over 70 and several guests from longer distance (including Munich and St Petersburg)!

The day started with Keynote speech ‘’ Winning in Mobile’’ by Elias Pietilä (co-founder Qvik, Wolt). In the presentation Elias combined real life examples with true hands-on experience. The key being successful in one of the mega trends of our time will come from four factors:   ”Don’t ****” fast learning, ‘’Leap of faith’’ trusting in your own doing, ‘’Making money’’ understanding where the money is and ‘’Delight’’ importance of user experience.

Rest of the day was mostly used for different sessions. All together 9 sessions were conducted. Variety of the topics was wide, but strongly connected to Product Management keeping the event focused. Sessions covered different aspects of product development, product management practices, product marketing and the role of Product Manager. In the sessions the expertise of session leads was combined with practical experiences of the participants creating fruitful discussions and new perspectives to the topics.
The overall atmosphere in the event was extremely positive, collaborative and productive. We were really able to move Product Management community for one (or maybe even two steps) step further.

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ProductCamp Helsinki Organizing Team
Timo Herttua, Lasse Lumiaho, Antti Suvanto


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