Lean Product Management – Keynote by Timo Herttua, Senior PM at Rovio

Posted by: Antti

Toyota’s Lean concept has been admired and copied in manufacturing industry already few decades. The startup world has been buzzing about Lean since 2009. But do you know what is Lean Product Management?

We are now proud to announce Timo Herttua, Senior Product Manager at Rovio Cloud Services, as the first keynote speaker of the day. Before joining Rovio cloud services in 2012, Timo co-founded a B2B CRM startup called Dealmachine, which later became Linko.io. His background is an amalgam of technology, entrepreneurship, sales and marketing, lean startup – and more recently – growth hacking and lean product management. Come and join us to hear Timo talking about his past experience as an entrepreneur, passion for Lean and how his history has helped him in his current role at Rovio.

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