Tickets are sold out!

Posted by: Andrey Maglyas

A couple of days ago, about one month before the event, we sold out all 50 tickets to ProductCamp Helsinki. We consider this as a good sign and would like to say thank you to You for your interest and willingness to join us! The events like ProductCamp are not possible without active and passionate participants and we are working hardly to make the event a great success. We have confirmed two keynote speakers who will share their experience about Lean Product Management (Timo Herttua, Rovio) and Product Management Career (Natalie Yan-Chatonsky, Brainmates). In addition, we have several session proposals available at the website. As ProductCamp is an interactive event, even we don’t know what proposals will be selected. Only you, as a participant, decide what topics are of most interest and should be discussed and presented.

Those of you, who have not registered to the event yet, still can do it! You will be put to the waiting list and we notify you about additional places.

We are looking forward to seeing you there!

ProductCamp Helsinki Organizing Team.

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